Eye Gaze Paradigm
An open-source tool to study the effects of receving more or less gaze in a simulated group conversation.
Customize the paradigm and generate a code for your participants (or try one of our pre-set versions): 
Start the paradigm: http://gazeparadigm.com/Streets3/index.html

R Package for Zoom transcripts 
An R package to  convert the output generated from Zoom conversations (VTT files) into .csv files. Provides columns for speaker name, timestamp, and content of the comment. 
If you have recordings of group conversations on Zoom, and interested in analyzing the auto-generated transcripts, this package can help you get that data into shape for analysis. 

To install and use the package visit:   https://github.com/seankross/vtt/.
This package was developed with the help of my colleague, data scientist Sean Kross.