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[Job Market Paper] Abi-Esber, N., Brooks, A. W., Burris, E. Feeling Seen: Leader Eye Gaze Promotes Psychological Safety, Participation, and Voice. Invited for Revision: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Abi-Esber, N., Abel, J., Schroeder, J., Gino, F (2022). “Just wanted to let you know…” Underestimating others’ desire for constructive feedback. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Abel, J., Vani, P., Abi-Esber, N., Blunden, H., Schroeder, J. (2022). Kindness in Short Supply: Evidence forInadequate Prosocial Input. Current Opinion in Psychology

Abi-Esber*, N., Cooney*, G., Mastroianni*, A., & Brooks, A.W. (2020). The many minds problem: Disclosure in dyadic vs. group conversation. Current Opinion in Psychology, 31, 22-27.
*Authors contributed equally.

Brooks, A.W., Huang, K., Abi-Esber, N., Hall, B., Buell, R., & Huang, L. (2019). Mitigating envy: Why successful individuals should reveal their failures. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Selected Works in Progress:
Abi-Esber, N., Greer, LL, De Hoogh A., Gino, F. Hierarchical Elasticity: Intentionally Changing Team Hierarchy Promotes Psychological Safety and Performance.

Abi-Esber, N., Mastroianni, A., & Brooks, A.W. Predicting performance based on job interviews: what you say matters less than how you say it. 

Abi-Esber, N., Burris, E. Consistency in Leader Emails Predicts Employee Psychological Safety and Voice. 

Abi-Esber, N. Who will speak up next? A machine learning model predicting the likelihood of speaking in workplace conversations based on verbal, nonverbal, paralinguistic, and demographic inputs.